Thursday, November 10, 2011

My yummy milkshake

So yes, I am nursing two babies now and I need all the nutrients and calories I can get (especially protein and fat!).  I am particularly loving eating in the Nourishing Traditions way.  This is my favorite milkshake.  I have it at least twice a day.  It is important that the milk be non-homogenized at least (raw is preferable if you can get it!), and the eggs cage-free.  Cooking the eggs kills the enzymes that help us digest foods, particularly fats and cholesterol.  Also, the yolk makes the shake super creamy.

My milkshake:

1 raw egg
1 cup whole milk
1/4 cup half and half
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1/4 cup kefir

Place all ingredients in a shaker, or if you are fancy, a blender with some ice.
Shake or blend away and enjoy!

It's so yummy, IMO

Natural Thoughts, IMO

Did you know that men have 9 holes in their bodies and women have 10?  These can be categorized into senses (eyes, ears, nose), reproduction (as you can guess), elimination, and food intake (mouth).  That's it.  The body protects itself so much that it has specific reasons for holes.  There is only one hole that is intended for things to fully enter the body and be utilized by the body: the mouth.

It is a protective issue because whatever enters the body can enter for harm or for good.  Foods that we eat become part of us.  They are building blocks of our bodies whether we are still growing or not.  Do you want to build your body with foods that major companies want to sell you or with what your body was hoping to receive?  The body is intelligent; it will use whatever we eat to the best of its ability to build and repair.  Matter has limitations, and the body cannot use essential nutrients that are not there or are not in an available state for utilization.

But that's just IMO
Jaye Anne

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh my gosh! Double Birthday!

So last week was my first run-in with the double birthday week yet.  My daughter's birthday (she turned 1!) is the day after mine, so we had two separate parties, both being fairly large.  It's good to have friends who will come over for two very busy, very hot parties. 

Being 7 months pregnant with a now-one-year-old has shown some different and interesting challenges.  These challenges have particularly affected my brainspace lately.  My husband threw me a surprise birthday party.  His ruse was that we were going to dinner and my mom was going to watch the baby.  We went to drop off the baby, and "surprise!"  I was surprised and mostly confused.  I thought, "how rude, doesn't my mom know we are going to dinner?"  Then after a long pause, I thought to myself, "no, I think we will stay for this nice party."  It took me 10 minutes to realize that my husband had been in on it the whole time!  Little to no oxygen is getting to that so-called intelligent brain of mine...

Saturday, we threw the baby a birthday party, and it was so hot.  Needless to say, I checked out right before the party started...  Like I said, it's good to have such great friends who not only put up with me but also help out when I need it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Find your Qi-cken

I really love cooking.  It provides me a feeling of calm when I am in the kitchen creating a tasty meal.  When the food has come out delicious beyond how I imagined, I feel like there is magic in my hands.  I have a feeling of communion with the food.

I think that is part of why living with my in-laws was so difficult.  In someone else's house, the kitchen is not my own.  I had to work within the unknown boundaries of another.  As my mom likes to say, "there can never be more than two boobs in a kitchen."  (which is either one woman or two men...)  There is this unspoken, primal territorial tension between women when cooking that transcends cultural and language lines.

But I digress.  There is so much uncontrollable change going on in this time of life that it is more important than ever to have a creative outlet.  Creativity, by definition, is controlled by you.  Whether it is cooking, writing, coding, or creating workouts, there needs to be some sort of outlet that makes you feel "in the zone."  Be careful not to let it become an escape from the scary, tumultuous real life, but keep a balance of being stressed out and feeling creatively accomplished.

While you may not be able to control the uncontrollable, it is important to revel in those things that make you feel good.  Be well!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Heather Mae

It has been a Heather Mae weekend.  She had two shows, and I really enjoyed both of them.  Her project, "A Year of Songs" was showcased in both of her shows.  Her voice is so soulful and warm and the songs she writes are just so passionate I couldn't help but stop and listen and just feel it. She is going on tour this summer and I can't wait to see her play again.

Her project is displayed here.